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November 26, 2007

Status Update: 19 – 25 November

This week I had a lot of time off due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  I ended up putting in about 45 hours of study.  Most of that was spent on the rack.  I went through the IE Volume I IPv6 labs as well as another run through Volume III lab 1 and my first attempt at a full-scale practice lab (Volume II lab 2).

I’ll post more about lab 2 later.  In short, I came away with mixed feelings.  I feel pretty good about my command of the basic technologies.  I did very well on the layer 2 and Frame Relay sections.  I did good on the IGPs.  But then I completely lost it on route redistribution again.  This was very disappointing after I spent so much time studying that topic last week.  I also made enough small mistakes to ensure my failure.  I’m hoping to minimize those in the future.  Finally, I am getting more comfortable with the DOC, but am still far from being at the level I need to be at in order to attempt the lab.  All in all, the experience was a push – I am encouraged by my general knowledge but disappointed with my ability in a few core competencies.

Here are my goals from last week: 

Study IPv6.  Review PPP.  Attempt Volume II lab 2.

I did quite a bit of IPv6 reading and labbing.  While I’m still not at an expert level, I was able to successfully complete the (abeit pretty easy) IPv6 task in the IE practice lab.  I did NOT review PPP and that bit me in the ass on the practice lab.  I dug up my old BCRAN material and will definitely review PPP.  I did attempt lab 2 (see above).

Goals for this week:  Do a lot of review on specific topics from Volume II lab 2.  Redo lab 2 with an emphasis on developing a lab strategy.  Review route redistribution (again).

Days Until Lab: 188
Readiness (1 to 10): 2
Lab Hours This Week 35
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 10

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