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November 22, 2007

Status Update: 12 – 18 November

This week I concentrated on getting route redistribution crammed into my head.  I went over the IE ATC route redistribution lessons.  While I’m still not an expert I have a much better understanding of route redistribution now.  I even created my own Dynamips network to practice route redistribution.

Over the weekend I decided to hit the first 2 Volume III labs.  I should have some posts up about those soon.  The bottom line is that I am solid on switching and Frame Relay, pretty good on IGP, and fair to bad on BGP and route redistribution.  I will need to review some BGP concepts and continue to review route redistribution.

Here are my goals from last week: 

Study the hell out of route redistribution.  Complete the IE Volume I labs for IPv6.

Route redistribution…check.  IPv6…not so much.  I did start reading the Routing TCP/IP IPv6 chapter but that was about it.  I will definitely need to get on the ball as I need to get this down before attempting the written test.

Goals for this week:  Study IPv6.  Review PPP.  Attempt Volume II lab 2.

Days Until Lab: 192
Readiness (1 to 10): 2
Lab Hours This Week 22
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 8

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