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November 21, 2007

Internetwork Expert: Free Route Redistribution vSeminar Recording

That was fast!  I think that the folks at Internetwork Experts are wrapping up the loose ends so they can get their turkey on.  🙂 

The IE crew has posted the Route Redistribution Demystified vSeminar recorded earlier today.  As I stated before, this one is definitely worth your time if you are struggling with route redistribution.

Internetwork Expert: Free Route Redistribution vSeminar Tonight

This appears to be the last of the Internetwork Expert free vSeminars for awhile.  I looks like they saved the best for last:

November 21
CCIE Route Redistribution Demystified
12pm PST(20:00 GMT) 

While I don’t know what material they are going to cover this afternoon, I would bet that it will be similar to their first route redistribution session of the Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies Class.  If my hunch is correct, then you definitely do not want to miss this session.  I recently went over the route redistribution ATC sessions and they really helped me figure out route redistribution.

I would expect that this session will be recorded and post on their site, so if you can view it this afternoon you should be able to at your own convenience.

CCBootcamp: Free Training Sessions Recording

If you missed the CCBootcamp free training session on Monday, you can check out the recorded version here.  I managed to see most of the first two sessions (IPCC and VPN), but was pulled away by work duties when the Multicast session (the one that I wanted to see) began.  Looks like I’ll be watching it with a slice (or 10) of pumpkin pie on Thursday.  🙂

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