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November 9, 2007

CCIE Looks Back On First Year As A CCIE

Very cool and interesting post on Group Study:

I thought I’d take a moment and do a quick review of the past year…my first year as an IE.

– Got a promotion. Same company, different department.
– Was completely confused, for like a month, by the fact I didn’t have to study anymore… man, that was weird
– First assigned task <drum roll>… team lead enterprise QoS development. My least favorite topic of topics… joy, joy! Wish I could have seen the look on my face.
– Number of times I’ve heard “We’ll you’re the IE” when presented with some off the wall question: lost count back in the spring
– Number of times I’ve said “I don’t know everything!” in response to the line above: lost count
– Number of times I’ve been asked “How did you past the lab?”: ~20
– Have received zero appreciation for my lab induced creative solutions 🙂
– Have received praise for suggesting what I thought was an off-the-wall feature Cisco made me learn… go figure.
– Number of times I’ve had to clarify the fact that I’m an R&S IE when presented with VoIP, security and MPLS questions and of course the always mentioned “We’ll you’re the IE” statement: way too many
– Found out my non-IE co-workers like to make a big deal out of my mistakes… after all “I’m the IE”
– Number of times I’ve wished Cisco had not removed ATM from the lab (to make me learn it) : several! 95% of the connectivity I deal with is ATM… not sure what Cisco was thinking there.
– Surprised by the number of people who are inclined to regurgitate their resume’ when they find out I’m an IE
– Biggest screw-up: Fubar’d an ATM connection to a 400+ user call center… who knew PCR/SCR was THAT important? 🙂
– Coolest new (new to me anyway) technology I’ve been working on… WAAS
– I’ve learned way more about QoS than I think I wanted to know
– Have enjoyed having access to the expertise of our Cisco AS team…instant guru on any topic
– Number of times I’ve had to deal with BGP: 2
– Number of times I’ve had to configure multicast: 0
– Surprised by the amount of knowledge I’ve lost over the last year…of course I’ve gained a lot of new stuff

All in all I’m having a blast and it was absolutely worth all the blood, sweat and tears to become a CCIE:-)


CCIE #17040 (R&S)

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  1. “Number of times I’ve had to configure multicast: 0”

    Between that statement and Jeff Doyle’s IPv6 statements I want to skip a ton of studies now! I am dreading dealing with IPv6 and multicast more and more…

    Comment by Carl Yost — November 10, 2007 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

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