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November 6, 2007

Still More CCIE Blogs

This is my third post listing current CCIE blogs.  You can find the first post here and my last post here.  Since the last post I’ve stumbled across a few new CCIE blogs.  Well, actually I’ve blatantly stolen some from bitbucketblog (he has a great list of CCIE bloggers – I encourage you to visit his site) as well as stumbled across a few on my own.

Here are the newest entries:

Becoming A CCIE– This is Alexandre Ribeiro’s blog.  Alexandre is a Systems Architect located in Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal.  Here’s how he describes himself:

I’m a geek, a tech head, call it whatever you want. I’m really happy when I’m solving complex technical issues. I’m working at a large multinational company, in the R&D department, designing network management systems for large-scale telecom operators. Right now I’m having the time of my life 😀

He set a goal to become a CCIE and has already completed his CCNA and CCNP certifications.  He’s using Internetwork Expert materials to study for the CCIE.  If you’re working on the CCIE written, you should check out his MPLS VPN tutorial.

A Networker Blog– Across the border from Alexandre is Spanish blogger Victor Cappuccio.  Victor’s blog is a must read.  I have seen his posts in Group Study and he is a very well regarded network engineer.  He is currently working as an instructor for Global Knowledge Spain and as a content developer and instructor for CCBootcamp (NLI).  Be sure to check out his technology summaries at the top of the blog.  These are outstanding tools for review.

I Should Have Gone With Cisco – This is Ted Romer’s Blog.  Ted currently works for Cisco Systems in their Remote Operation Services group (ROS) in Austin, Texas.  He has taught Cisco CCNP and CCNA classes to college students.  He is currently pursuing the CCIE in Routing and Switching, but is going to tackle the CCVP (he’ll get plenty of VoIP experience with ROS) first.  This may mean that CCIE posts will be limited for now, but definitely check out his blog as he has a lot of really good post.  Judging from the quality of his posts, I’d venture that he’s a very good teacher as well.

My CCIE Training Guide– From Texas we jump over to Israel where Shiran Guez has been blogging about his quest for the Routing and Switching CCIE since December of last year.  He has a lot of good posts and most of them are broken down by technology so they are a good way to supplement your CCIE studies. 

Cisco Learning Blog – Cisco Learning Blog is authored by an engineer in Germany.  He recently landed a new job and it looks like this company is going to back his quest to obtain his CCIE.  He is using Internetwork Expert and Dynamips.  His latest blog entry details some of the features not supported in Dyanmips switching.

Xcke’s Blog– Okay, this one is a bit of a niche blog.  But if you can read Hungarian, then Xcke has a CCIE blog for you.  He passed the CCNP a year ago, and is now pursuing the CCIE.  If he achieves that goal he’ll become one of only a few dozen CCIEs in Hungary.

Mysecretofsuccess’s Weblog  – This is a newer CCIE blog.  The blogger is using Dynamips and Internetwork Expert materials to attain the CCIE.  The last post was from mid-September and is a pronouncement to never again sleep more than three hours a night while pursuing the CCIE.

IT Leak–  The blogger(s?) at IT Leak has just begun the path to attaining the CCIE.  Stop by for the great mind maps and stick around for the humorous writing style.  You have to like a CCIE blog with a “tasteless humor” category.  🙂

Connect and Explore– This may not officially be a CCIE blog…yet.  This blogger lays out his plan for Cisco certification (the plot to take over the world referenced in the byline is – sadly – not disclosed 🙂  )

In the end perhaps the most important thing which draws me to Cisco is the exclusivity of the CCIE. Being an achiever and a  goal oriented person I just love a challenge and this just might be the ultimate one. I have already seen the CCIE blueprint and have made a great plan, pass CCNP and CCIP in 2008 (QOS, MPLS, BGP all needed in R&S CCIE) and the written in 2009 plus hopefully have a try at the lab by the end of 2009. Attainable? Probably! These are revised dates from what I was planning a couple of months ago and there will probably be more revisions as it is no easy task.

Inevitable  – I would be completely remiss if I failed to mention Himawan Nugroho’s blog.  I’ve been aware of his excellent blog for quite awhile, but haven’t mentioned his blog here because he’s in a completely different league.  He recently passed his THIRD CCIE.  His first CCIE was in Routing and Switching and he got that back in 2001 (his CCIE number is Cisco 8171).  His blog is great though, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

This last one is not a CCIE blog, but there’s a lot of good networking information on Teneo !!!  Aaron is an ex-squid like myself (I was an ET on a floating city) and I like his topics and writing style.  His latest post, “It’s the Network. No it’s NOT!” is – unfortunately – a scenario that I am all too familiar with.

That’s it for now.  I’m sure that I’ll be posting again in a few more months with a fresh batch of CCIE blogs.  It’s very encouraging to see so many CCIE blogs flourishing out there in the InterWebs. 

Here are the blogs from my two posts:

CCIE Candidate


CCIE Journey

CCIE Quest

CCIE Notes

Chronicles of CCIE Journey

As always, you can find all of these blogs under “CCIE Blogs” on my blogroll to the right of this post.



  1. Thanks for the link, and the kind words. I was in the same division as the ET’s. On the Aegis class ships, IC and ET were in the same division. I had an entirely new found respect for ET when I studied my ESWS. Wow…. you guys had alot to do.

    I would love to attain the CCIE, but every time I start getting serious, I keep getting distracted with new challenges and ideas. One of these days….

    Great Blog and nice posts! I’ll cross-reference these links with what I’m already seeing in my RSS Agg. I’m always learning something!


    Comment by Aaron Paxson — November 7, 2007 @ 9:35 am | Reply

  2. And another blog for the list – mine! — service provider oriented since that’s what I do. *shrug* call me crazy but I work in the “industry” so it makes sense. Besides, MPLS is fun.

    Comment by gregoberfield — November 8, 2007 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

  3. And another CCIE blog!!! My CCIE (R&S) blog can be found at Hopefully maybe of use to some people. I’ve found it helps me focus on my studies whilst writing it!! Route-Reflector

    Comment by routereflector — November 16, 2007 @ 5:34 am | Reply

  4. […] cciepursuit @ 5:08 pm Tags: CCIE, CCIE Blogs, CCIE Lab, Certification, Cisco, Cisco Certification I recently predicted that I would soon be posting another batch of CCIE blogs.  Listed below are the newest blogs to join the growing list of CCIE blogs.  I have also created a […]

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