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October 27, 2007

More Lab Locations Coming In 2008?

There is speculation on GroupStudy that Cisco will open one or more new CCIE lab locations in 2008.  This speculation was started with this post in the Ask The Expert forum at

Yes. We are working to open up more seats availability to our current labs, but the ultimate goal is to extend the offering worldwide to more locations. The idea is exactly to minimize the cost and travel time to candidates while opening more opportunities to candidates worldwide to take the exam.

I can’t tell you at this point how it is going to be as we are working on the planning. News on it we will have more in 2008.


Maurilio is Maurilio Gorito (CCIE 3807) who is the content manager for the CCIE R&S exams, written and lab exams and also serves as an exam proctor.

This is GREAT news.  Currently it is very difficult to schedule a lab as the labs are all full for the next 6 months (the furthest out that you can book the lab).  Opening up some more seats in the existing labs would help alleviate this log jam.

Opening new locations would benefit some candidates by decreasing the distance they need to travel (thereby reducing travel costs) to take the lab.  I’m located in the middle of the States so I pretty much equidistant from the two US locations (San Jose, CA and RTP, NC).

The rest of the GroupStudy thread consisted of posters pimping their favorite locations for the new labs.  There were some rumors about specific locations: 

I’ve heard rumors about Dallas, Japan(adding new tracks to existing location), and the UK. However, at the moment, they are having issues with the facility in Australia (lack of proctors).

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