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September 24, 2007

Status Update: 17 – 23 September

Last week started with high expectations and then fell completely apart by the end of the week.  I set a pretty high goal for myself last week:

30 hours of OSPF/Security/NAT labs.

I only managed to get in 14 hours of labbing and only managed that because I put in 10 hours on Saturday.  I got off to very slow start and then family and work pulled me away from my studies.  About the only “good” thing was that I have officially given up on the Vikings so that will free up 3 more study hours on Sundays.  🙂

I did complete the OSPF labs last week as well as most of the OSPF IEATC lessons.  I now have a pretty good handle on the IGPs so I’ve am moving my readiness level from 1 to 2.  Whoot!!!  🙂

My major concentration over the next two weeks will be BGP.  I plan to finish NAT/Security and then jump back into BGP.  I’m setting my labbing goals pretty high again this week.  I’m already off to a good start with a lot of labbing with Dynamips already completed today.

My goals for the week: 30 hours of BGP/Security/NAT labs.

Days Until Lab: 190
Readiness (1 to 10): 2
Lab Hours This Week 14
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 5

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