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September 11, 2007

Status Update: 03 – 09 September

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This last week was a complete wash.  Considering that I was drunk for over half of it, you can guess how my studies were affected.  I was hit with the perfect storm of beautiful weather, a holiday, and the beginning of the football season.  Let’s review:

Monday – Labor Day.  My wife’s family came over for BBQ.  Much feasting and drinking ensued.

Tuesday – Fantasy Football Draft.  I met up (physically and virtually) with a group of guys that I worked with about 9 years ago (my first “corporate” IT job) for an FFL draft.  Much feasting and drinking ensued.

Thursday – First NFL Game Of The Year.  This can also be known as the beginning of the “Come See My New Ginormous LCD/PLASMA TV” season.  Much feasting and drinking ensued.

Sunday – Vikings’ Home Opener.  My wife scored free tickets to the game.  Much feasting and drinking (and despair about the Viking’s offense) ensued.

I’m writing this on Tuesday morning.  Last night was the second stop in the “Come See My New Ginormous LCD/PLASMA TV” tour.  Monday Night Football had a double-header.  You can guess how much studying I got done last night.

The good news is that after 20+ hours of football and too much eating and drinking, I’ve got the eating, drinking, and football bugs out of my system and am more than ready to get back to my studies.  Also, the kids are now back to school, so I will have less distractions at home.

Here’s a review of my goals from last week:

10 hours of IP Services/OSPF labs with 12 hours of OSPF reading/videos.

I put a big goose egg up for lab hours, but I did manage to go over a lot of the OSPF videos and even got halfway through the Routing TCP/IP chapter on that protocol. 

I plan to get most of my lab time done on the weekend, so I’m going to shoot for 16 hours of labs.  I plan to finish up the OSPF labs (my second time through these labs) as well as do the last few IP Services labs.  I should also be able to dig into the NAT labs as well.  I am going to concentrate on videos and reading for OSPF during the week.  I should be able to put in a good 10 hours there.

My goals for the week: 16 hours of IP Services/OSPF/NAT labs with 10 hours of OSPF reading/videos.

Days Until Lab: 203
Readiness (1 to 10): 1
Lab Hours This Week 0
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 8

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