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September 7, 2007

Status Update: 27 August – 02 September

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I’m posting this update pretty late in the week (Friday vs Monday).  Here’s a review of my goals from last week:

So here are my goals for this week: 20 hours of EIGRP/OSPF labs and 8 hours of reading/videos.

I did manage to hit my goal of 20 hours of labbing, but I only got in about half of the 8 hour of reading/videos.  I finished the EIGRP labs and most of the IP Services labs (lots of DHCP).  I held off on starting the OSPF labs because I really wanted to go through the OSPF lessons from the IEATC again.  I want to be able to rattle off all of the different OSPF network types as well as the different LSA types and stubby variations and…..

I really need to get this embedded in my mind, especially if I want to make a run at the CCIE written test by the end of the month.  With that in mind, I’m going to throttle back my lab hours this week and crank up my OSPF reading/video time.

My goals for the week: 10 hours of IP Services/OSPF labs with 12 hours of OSPF reading/videos.

Days Until Lab: 207
Readiness (1 to 10): 1
Lab Hours This Week 20
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 4

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