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September 7, 2007

My Brilliant Idea That Turned Out To Be Not So Brilliant

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As I mentioned earlier, has some nice posts concerning the problem of getting booked for the CCIE lab (especially within the next 6 months).  See his posts here, here, and here.

It appears that Cisco opens lab registrations 6 months in advance.  I plan on taking my lab around 01 April, 2008.  So my game plan was as follows:

My strategy is going to be to book my lab 6 months out (preferably at San Jose, but RTP works as well) and then book a second lab 3 months later. While I’m hoping to pass on the first attempt, I’m not willing to wait 6 months for a second attempt if I do fail.

My understanding is that Cisco does not actually transfer money from your credit card until 28 days before the exam. If you book 6 months in advance with a second lab booked for at least 29 days later, then you can cancel the second lab before Cisco takes your $$$ if you do pass the first time.

Well, Djerk quickly found the gaping hole in my plan:

The trouble is that one’s only allowed to have one lab booked. Booking a second lab date will produce an error and give you the option to either stay with your old date or drop it and book the new seat.

There are usually a few slots that become available 28 days before the date because some of the test takers either bail on the test or their payment does not tranfer to Cisco.  It looks like I’ll either need to pass the test the first time or hope to pick up a seat 28 days out OR find someone to swap a seat with if I have to take the test again within 6 months of failing the first attempt.  😦


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