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September 5, 2007

More CCIE Blogs

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I recently blogged about the new rash of CCIE  blogs.  You can get details on those blogs in that posting.  The blogs are:

CCIE Candidate


CCIE Journey

I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a few more blogs since that post:

CCIE Quest (Service Provider Track) – Amp runs this blog and has decided to take on the ambitious goal of becoming a double CCIE.  He recently made the choice to pursue the Service Provider CCIE track first and then pursue the Routing and Switching track after that.  Amp currently works for a Service Provider in Cary, North Carolina so the SP track is a natural fit.  He’s currently studying for the Service Provider written exam.  If you’re pursueing the SP track do yourself a favor and take a look at his blog.

CCIE Notes – CCIE Notes is another new CCIE blog.  The first posts are from August.  I don’t know much about this blogger other than he is based in Mumbai, India and appears to be studying for the Routing and Switching path. – Djerk Geurts runs this blog.  He’s based in the Netherlands and works for an English ISP.  Djerk is in the final stages of getting his Routing and Switching CCIE.  He’s going to take a crack at the lab on 28 September.  He has some informative and depressing entries about the difficulty of booking the CCIE lab.  His blog is also the longest-running of the current CCIE blogs – dating back to late 2005. 

Chronicles of CCIE Journey – CCIE Chronicles is a brand new Routing and Switching CCIE blog.  Barooq is currently working in the Middle East and pursuing the CCIE.  He’s in the intial stages of study.

Since I’m  giving shout out to other blogs, I’d like to pimp a few more:

Cisco IOS Hints and Tips – I’ve mentioned this blog before.  It’s probably my favorite Cisco-centric site.  Ivan Pepelnjak runs this blog and has some excellent posts about a wide spectrum of Cisco technologies.  You can submit questions about Cisco techologies and he might discuss it in depth with his “You’ve Asked For It” post.  This is a must read site.

Francois Ropert Blog – Cisco technology (with a security focus) with a European (French) view.  Francois is also associated with the excellent Planète Cisco blog (French Cisco Users Group).

RouterGod – Although it’s not updated very often, it’s always good for a laugh.  Celebrities explain Cisco techologies.  Ever wanted to get Jessica Simpson’s opinion on open source routers?  How about Gary Coleman explaining Priority Queuing?  RouterGod what a Cisco site would look like if it were written by The Onion.

Layer 1 Transport – Doug Kenline is the Atlanta based blogger who runs Layer 1 Transport.  He is a Network Operations Technician for Sprint whose interest is all things Cisco.  If there’s something going on in the Cisco universe, you are likely to see it at Layer 1 Transport.

Cisco Subnet – Network World has a nice collection of Cisco bloggers, including Jeff Doyle.  If you have any interest at all in IPv6, then by all means check out Jeff Doyle’s blog.

I’m probably forgetting a few blogs, but these are the ones that I usually view during while pumping coffee into my body to prepare for work.  Speaking of which, I had better get back to work.  🙂

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