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August 13, 2007

Status Update: 06 – 12 August

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I’ve had a pretty good week studying this week.  I hit my goal of 20 lab hours this week.  All of my labs were switching labs.  I’m not really doing anything that I’m not pretty familiar with already, but I am taking my time and trying to get a deep understanding of the technologies.  I am trying to break stuff as much as I can and also labbing up interesting configurations and combinations.  I really want to be able to quickly configure the technologies and – maybe more importantly – troubleshoot issues quickly.  I figure that the more exposure that I have to the various configurations of different technologies, the fast I can recognize problems and potential issues.

I managed to get Dynamips cooking so I am good to go with doing a lot of routing labs on Dynamips.  My plan this week is to get through as much of the EIGRP and RIP labs as I can on Dynamips and then finish up the switching labs when I am in the office.

My goals for this week are to get 20 hours of labs done as well as 5 hours of IEATC videos.

Days Until Lab: 231
Readiness (1 to 10): 1
Lab Hours This Week 24
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 2

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