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August 13, 2007

Status Update: 06 – 12 August

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I’ve had a pretty good week studying this week.  I hit my goal of 20 lab hours this week.  All of my labs were switching labs.  I’m not really doing anything that I’m not pretty familiar with already, but I am taking my time and trying to get a deep understanding of the technologies.  I am trying to break stuff as much as I can and also labbing up interesting configurations and combinations.  I really want to be able to quickly configure the technologies and – maybe more importantly – troubleshoot issues quickly.  I figure that the more exposure that I have to the various configurations of different technologies, the fast I can recognize problems and potential issues.

I managed to get Dynamips cooking so I am good to go with doing a lot of routing labs on Dynamips.  My plan this week is to get through as much of the EIGRP and RIP labs as I can on Dynamips and then finish up the switching labs when I am in the office.

My goals for this week are to get 20 hours of labs done as well as 5 hours of IEATC videos.

Days Until Lab: 231
Readiness (1 to 10): 1
Lab Hours This Week 24
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 2

Dynamips Is Up

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I finally spent a little bit of time messing with Dynamips.  I am using a Lenovo Z61m 1.66Ghz Duo Core laptop with 512M of RAM.  I decided not to attempt to run the entire Internetwork Expert lab, but rather just to alter their .net file so that I’m running 5 routers with a Frame Relay switch.  After I set the idlepc values and turned on ghostbios and mmap, I was able to get all 5 routers running at the same time with less than 15% CPU utilization (usually in the 2% – 5% range – with big jumps when writing the configuration) and less than 90M or RAM.  Take the time to read this document along with the Internetwork Expert COD on Dynamips and you’ll be up and running efficiently in no time.  My biggest stumbling block was figuring out why I could not telnet to (Symantec Personal Firewall was blocking it).  The Dynamips emulation is very good.  There are a couple of differences compared to the real thing (reloads are handled differently), but overall I am extremely impressed.

I plan to use this 5 router Dynamips lab to do the vast majority of the Internetwork Expert Volume I labs until I get remote access to my work lab (probably 2 – 4 weeks away).  I will also be upgrading the RAM in this laptop (it’s my wife’s laptop) to 2Gig and attempting to run the entire Internetwork Expert lab.  This should be an easy sell, “Honey, I think that we should upgrade your laptop memory.”  🙂

Here’s my .net file if anyone is interested:


image = C:\Program Files\Dynamips\images\c3640-jk9o3s-mz.123-14.T7.bin
 ram = 128
 disk0 = 0
 disk1 = 0
 mmap = true
 ghostios = true

# Define router instances

[[Router R1]]
  model = 3640
  console = 2001
  autostart = false
  slot0 = NM-1FE-TX
  slot1 = NM-4T
  S1/0 = FRSW 1

[[Router R2]]
  model = 3640
  console = 2002
  autostart = false
  slot0 = NM-1FE-TX
  slot1 = NM-4T
  S1/0 = FRSW 2

[[Router R3]]
  model = 3640
  console = 2003
  autostart = false
  slot0 = NM-4E
  slot1 = NM-4T
  S1/0 = FRSW 3
  S1/1 = FRSW 13
  S1/2 = R1 S1/1
  S1/3 = R2 S1/1

[[Router R4]]
  model = 3640
  console = 2004
  autostart = false
  slot0 = NM-4E
  slot1 = NM-4T
  S1/0 = FRSW 4
  S1/1 = R5 S1/1

[[Router R5]]
  model = 3640
  console = 2005
  autostart = false
  slot0 = NM-4E
  slot1 = NM-4T
  S1/0 = FRSW 5


# R1 to FRSW
  1:102 = 2:201
  1:103 = 3:301
  1:113 = 13:311
  1:104 = 4:401
  1:105 = 5:501

# R2 to FRSW
  2:203 = 3:302
  2:213 = 13:312
  2:204 = 4:402
  2:205 = 5:502

# R3 to FRSW
  3:304 = 4:403
  3:305 = 5:503
  13:314 = 4:413
  13:315 = 5:513

# R4 to FRSW
  4:405 = 5:504

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