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August 9, 2007

Status Update: 30 July – 05 August

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This update is going up pretty late (it’s Thursday and I want to get these up on Monday).  Last week was bittersweet as far as studies go.  I had the week off from work so that I could complete the live (online) portion of the Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies course.  This course was initially scheduled for the week prior (23 – 27 July) but it got pushed back a week.  We moved into our new home on Friday, 27 July.  That meant that I was sans Internet until the cable company could get out to our house on Wednesday.  I spent the first two days doing the training from the office.  I should write “trying to do training”.  I neglected to send out an email explaining why I would be in the office with headphones on.  Between everyone asking me what I was doing, getting sucked into work issues, and attending mandatory meetings – my training was pretty hit and miss.  On Wednesday a major bridge collapsed and that pretty much pulled my attention away from the training (calling my wife and friends to make sure everyone was okay).  Couple that with moving into a new home and I ended up missing a day and a half of training(Friday my wife was home and there was no way I could put off painting and moving shit).  Thankfully all of the training is recorded so I can go back and view the stuff I missed.  I’ll post a review of the IEATC training at some other point. 

I did manage to get a few hours of labbing done over the weekend.  It felt good.  It’s kind of like working out after being away from the gym for a while – you feel sore and you don’t do as much as you were doing before, but you feel good.

My goal over the next few weeks is to work through all of the Internetwork Expert Workbook Volume I labs.  I am going to take it slow and really dig into the technologies.  I’ll also be reviewing the COD sections that cover each technology.  I’ll be renting some rack time for the switching sections, and then doing the rest on Dynamips.  I’ve been working on switching so you’ll probably see quite a few posts on switching technologies over the next week or two.

My goal starting this week is to get 20 hours of lab time in per week.  This will be a bit difficult for the first few weeks because I’ll still be settling into the new house.  Since this is Thursday and I’ve already done 12 hours, I pretty sure that I will hit my goal this week.  🙂

Days Until Lab: 236
Readiness (1 to 10): 1
Lab Hours This Week 5
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 30

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