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August 8, 2007

CCIE Blogs

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When I first decided to make a run at the CCIE Routing and Switching lab, I looked for CCIE blogs.  I figured that with the thousands of existing CCIEs and countless number of candidates there would be a plethora of CCIE blogs.  Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I did not find any.  This was one of the reasons that I decided that I should start my own CCIE R&S blog.  Since that time, I’ve discovered CCIE Candidate as well as two new blogs: bitbucketblog and CCIE Journey.  Between these three blogs (and yours truly) there should be a wealth of CCIE Routing and Switching information for candidates and potential candidates to follow.  Here’s a breakdown of these three CCIE blogs:

CCIE Candidate

Ethan Banks’ blog began in January of this year.  Up until recently, it has concentrated heavily on the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam.  Ethan passed that exam at Networkers this year.  Now he has assembled a home/work lab and is preparing to begin his lab preparation using the NetMasterClass DoIT labs.  Ethan’s blog is very well written and very detailed.  Anyone that is looking at taking the CCIE R&S written exam will benefit greatly from his study notes.


The blogger at bitbucketblog is currently working on his second attempt at the CCIE R&S lab.  As such, he’s further along in his studies than the other three bloggers.  He is using Internetwork Expert material as well as the IPexpert workbook.  It looks like he has quite a bit on his plate right now with a new house (as someone who has been in his new home for about 2 weeks – I feel you) and a new wife.  I loved his posting about looking for open APs.  I just moved from a neighborhood that had about 6 APs (all LinkSys – all unprotected –  all on channel 6) that I could leech off of if my cable connection went down to a much smaller town (less than 2000 people – but on a lake!) where I was surprised to find zero APs.  Couple that with waiting for the cable company to hook up my new connection and I was in serious withdrawal.  But I digress…..welcome aboard bitbucketblog.

CCIE Journey

This is the newest of the CCIE blogs (the first postings are from yesterday).  The blogger at CCIE Journey is currently working on the CCIE written exam along with studying for the lab.  He bought the Internetwork Expert End-to-End package.  We’re both at about the same point on our path.  I have not completed the written test yet (planning on September) and am also using the IE products.  He has Dynamips humming along on a Linux box(judging by his URL, he knows a thing or two about Linux), something that I need to get around to doing as well.  Welcome to the fold CCIE Journey.

I think that CCIE candidates will be well served by checking out each of these blogs.  The bloggers present a group of candidates that are at different points in their paths to the CCIE as well as different vendor materials.  I think that between the 4 blogs (and hopefully more will emerge) there should be a lot of good information.



  1. Thanks for the publicity! I appreciate it. The domain name came one day while administering our Sun Servers at work. I have been into Linux since Redhat 5.0 in 1998. Good times. Oh well back to the reading. Good luck next month on the written. I am hoping to have my done by October with luck!

    Comment by Carl — August 8, 2007 @ 7:26 pm | Reply

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