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July 23, 2007

News Flash – CCIE Workbooks Are Not Lab Dumps

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This post at the Sadikov CCIE Lab forumdetails one test taker’s frustration that the Internetwork Expert Workbook does not contain the actual questions found on the CCIE lab.  I’m not sure where the hell he got the idea that this was the case. 

Ccie R & Sw Lab Exam Failed, DONT ATTEMPT IF U R NOT SURE, dont waste ur money

my name is albaseto, 2 days before i attempted my ccie lab exam and i failed ? i spend nearly 6 months for ccie ,3 months on reading books and 2 months only on practicles, the mistake what i have done? i spend too much time on reading books? if u r looking for LAB exam dont spend too much time on CCIE BOOks. rather than u concentrate on IEWB 14 labs.. , i have gone through all IEWB 14 labs.

i have spend nearly $4000, pls do not waste ur money,,

in ccie lab exam the topology has been changed? the internetwork expert IEWB toplogy is different than cisco topology.

in CCIE LAB topology all routers are connected to sw1,sw2.

they disable CDP also on bb1,bb2 ,bb3

why i failed the exam :

1. first of all the wording are not understandable in my ccie lab exam?
2. the diagram is not properly given, The topology is not matching any IEWB labs?
3. they have hidden some routers in the CCIE LAB?
4.QUESTIONS are not strainght forward?
5. i have got 5 questions from SECURTIY? ( these questions are not available in IEWB 14 LABS,)

if u any futher enquries pls send the email to me?
i will get back to u.

The posters do a good job of addressing his misconceptions.  The moderator edited his initial posting due to some possible NDA violations.  While I agree with his adherence to the NDA, I kind of wish that he would have left some of the guy’s objections in the post (he originally had a numbered list of about 15 items) because some of them were howlers.  The guy complained about VTP modes and the fact he was required to configure point-to-multipoint Frame-Relay configurations.  I’m really not sure what he expected on the lab?


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  1. lol… awesome… I wish I would get the same topology in the lab … there would b e more than 20 K plus CCIEs in the world then…

    Comment by Puneet — May 3, 2008 @ 1:44 pm | Reply

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