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July 18, 2007

Poking The Tiger

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Here’s an article from Network World that is sure to get your blood pumping:

I was reading an article the other day about “The Skills that Reap Pay Premiums”. As a good engineer, I always want to know how much I should be making. 😉

I was shocked by this quote:

Zeus Kerravala, vice president and global practice leader at Yankee Group, describes this as supply and demand, Internet-style. “Things hard to do before, like setting up a switching and routing network, are easy today and don’t command so high a salary as things that are new today and harder to do,” he says. 

It was a good run, but it looks like it’s time to pack it in.  When someone named Zeus tells you that your position can be filled by a couple of shaved apes, it’s time to drop all of that CCIE nonsense and jump into some newer, harder technologies (whatever the hell those happen to be).  🙂 

Here’s the article that he is refering to “The Skills That Reap Pay Premiums“.  I checked it out to see if he had been misqouted.  He may have been, but it would have been by the author of the original article and not by Michael Morris.  Mr. Morris goes on to defend all of us Routing and Switching simpletons:

Is Mr. Kerravala serious? Cisco may want us to believe routing and switching is getting easier, but that is far from the truth. A few years ago you may have had a network running a single routing protocol with a simple layer-2 data center. Today, you have MPLS, BGP (both internally and with carriers), dual-home servers, virtualization, load balancing, security devices and QoS everywhere. Routing and Switching is constantly getting more complex, requiring more qualified and experienced engineers.

Now, I will admit, the market is trying to take care of this problem. Thousands are getting into networking and there have been 6700 more CCIEs since I passed 4 years ago (not all, but most R&S). So supply is definitely rising, but so is demand. Experience is becoming more and more important. That’s just proof that R&S is not getting easier, but harder. If it was easier it would be a quantity issue. Today, do you want quantity or quality?

I guess in  Zeus Kerravala’s world users just connect their Ethernet cable into the wall and everything else happens automagically.


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