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July 8, 2007

Great Verification Command for OSPF and EIGRP

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This response to a post about the “show ip ospf interface brief” contains some good advice for configuring OSPF and EIGRP:

I agree that this command is awesome [show ip ospf interface brief], I’ve used it for quite a while now. My personal tip is that when you do this:

conf t
router ospf 100
net area 0

then you should immediately do this:

do sho ip ospf int brief

and MAKE SURE you did what you think you did. It’s an immediate reaction with me, and one I highly recommend. It’s surprising sometimes to see that you’ve turned OSPF on an interface other than what you thought, or potentially more interfaces than you thought. The real life saver comes when you DIDN’T turn on OSPF on an interface you thought you would (maybe you’re on the wrong router, etc). Also, you should be paying attention to the interface types and OSPF area’s.

I also do this:

do sho ip eigrp int

For the exact same reason. Get used to doing these commands and it can save you a lot of frustration. Also, this command will show you what AS your interfaces are assigned to.

Cisco Documentation:

show ip ospf interface [brief]


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