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July 7, 2007

Most Popular CCIE Training Materials

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I had planned to blog about the materials that I believed to be the “Gold Standards” (by way of popularity) of CCIE preparation based on feedback in various CCIE forums.  I then decided to be a little more “scientific” about my results by finding posts by people who have recently passed the Routing and Switching CCIE lab and documenting what materials they used to study for the lab.  I went back through Group Study’s CCIE archive (as well as the Sadikhov CCIE lab forum) and pulled out the posts by folks who passed from January to June of this year.  I kept all of the posts that listed the materials that they used in their preparation.  I then put all of this information into a spreadsheet to analyze the results.

In the end I had 36 posts by people who have successfully passed the CCIE R&S lab exam over the last 6 months and bothered to post what study materials they used.  I have broken the material up into the following categories: Workbooks, Bootcamps, Mock Labs, Video Training, Technology Focused Labs, and Other Materials.

Here are the results: 


Product (mentioned)


Internetwork Expert Workbook Volume II (32)


IPexpert Workbook (9)


NMC DoIt Labs (8)


CCBootcamp IPv6 Workbook (1)



Product (mentioned)


Global Knowledge CCIE Bootcamp (4)


Heinz Ulm Bootcamp (4)


IPexpert Bootcamp (3)


NMC Bootcamp (2)


Internetwork Expert Bootcamp (1)


IP Solutions R&S Lab Bootcamp (India) (1)


Khawar Butt Bootcamp (1)


Unitek CCIE Bootcamp (1)


Mock Labs

Product (mentioned)


Internetwork Expert Mock Labs (10) 28%


Cisco CCIE Assessor Mock Lab (7) 19%


NMC CheckIt Labs (3) 8%


CCBootcamp Mock Labs (1) 3%


Video Training

Product (mentioned)


Internetwork Expert COD (15)


NMC Frame-Relay COD (2)


NMC IPv6 COD (2)


CBTNuggets CCIE Video Course (1)


Technology Focused Labs

Product (mentioned)


Internetwork Expert Core Workbook (8) 22%


Internetwork Expert Advanced Tech Labs (5) 14%


Other Materials

Product (mentioned)


IPexpert Audio Bootcamp (2)


Caveat Lector: This is not meant to be a comprehensive survey by any means.  There were also a few posts that were nonspecific about the actual product used.  I did not include any cases where the vendor was not specified, but if I ran across something like “I used material from IPexpert, IE, and NMC”, I counted that as an endorsement for the workbook of each listed vendor – although that may not have been the “material” that was used.  As mentioned before, I only counted posts that were from people who had passed the lab exam and posted what materials they used.  I am sure that I also missed a few posts.  Although Group Study is a very popular forum (actually it’s a mailing list) I am sure that there are plenty of people who have passed who have not posted their success there.  🙂  Finally, I have listed the links to the entries from which I pulled the data. For comparison, here was what I originally was going to post before pulling this data:

Workbook: Internetwork Expert Workbook Volume II
Training Videos: Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies Class-On-Demand
Bootcamp: NetMasterClass RS-NMC-1 and 2
Technology Focused Labs: CCBootcamp’s Soup-To-Nuts
Mock Labs: Internetwork Expert Mock Lab Workshop
Audio Training: IPexpert’s CCIE R&S Lab Audio Boot Camp Series

Links to posts: January:






What I Did To Pass The Ccie Lab (Sadikhov CCIE Lab Forum – Multiple Passes)



  1. hi my name is Jack. Im 15yrs old and currently have an A+, N+, Server +, security + , MCSE, MCSD, RHCE and im planning to get a few more in the sun microsoft area before im 17. Then i plan on starting the cisco route and eventually getting a CCIE. I’m from a poor background and i spend all my money on training material. I normally just read books, watch training material and set up real world scenarios in my house. Is that going to be enough ?
    And what is the cheapest route i can take as i have a very powerfull graphical memory.

    Comment by jack — September 17, 2007 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

  2. wow isn’t this s rude awakening making the rounds…. i’m 28 and i’m about giving up despite the fact i just did the written.jack could you make contact with me on sabgatoatgmaildotcom…u never know

    Comment by aso — September 20, 2007 @ 7:55 am | Reply

  3. Hi Jack.

    You can definitely get a good jump on the CCIE by reading books like Doyle’s Routing TCP/IP. There are a number of free CCIE training links on the blogroll on the right-hand column of this blog.

    If you spend a little time researching Dynamips you’ll find that you can emulate a full lab pretty well on a PC.

    If you are seriously 15 and have a buttload of certs, then I would try get a job in the industry and/or work on getting into college. Some experience on your resume is going to go a lot further than a ton of certs with no experience. You could probably even get your job to support your training addiction.

    Good luck with your future studies.

    Comment by cciepursuit — September 25, 2007 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

  4. i want to take a boot camp training for CCIE routing and Switching. I am from Egypt, and I found training center in india called Networkershome, but i don’t knwo if I can trust it, so if you have any information about them please tell me

    Comment by hassan — December 31, 2007 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

  5. Hi Mr. Hussian,

    I did my CCIE training from Networkershome,Delhi and passed in the first attempt . I am in Dubai and can be contacted at .The guy is a bit finicky and does not publish CCIE numbers on the website but excellent training.Another thing he would not take more then 5 candidates a month and grills for 30 days and nights.


    Tarun Gulrajani
    CCIE R/S#19577

    Comment by Tarun — January 3, 2008 @ 2:29 am | Reply

  6. is there anyone taked the CCIE R&S Boot camp with Khawar Butt could advise us..??? I think to take the training with him but i think the one week training is very short…!!!

    Comment by Hassan — February 14, 2008 @ 8:31 am | Reply

  7. could any one recommend to me Training Center for CCIE R&S Boot camp in india

    Comment by HHH — February 14, 2008 @ 8:32 am | Reply

  8. We are pleased to announce admission for NEW training Program of CCIE (Routing & Switching)

    and CCIE (Security) LAB .

    Networkers Guru offers today Gurgaon’s biggest CCIE training lab with 4 racks for CCIE

    preparation and major focus on CCIE (ROuting & Switching) and CCIE (Security) LAB program.

    This information is also listed on the front page of

    We invite admission from all fresher or experienced people in the field of networking to join

    this once in a life-time opportunity .Excellent communication skills with
    a graduate degree are the only must for this program.

    We are planning to offer same kind of training in New Delhi also.

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    Duration -30 Days
    Fee:1,25000/-(Single Installment) +12.36 % Service Tax
    CCIE Security 100% Lab passing Guarantee

    CCIE Security -(For Freshers)
    Covers CCNA+CCNP+CCSP+CCIE Security written and Lab
    Duration – 5 Months
    Fee:1,75000/-(3 Installments)+12.36 % Service Tax
    CCIE Security 100% Lab passing Guarantee

    CCIE R/S -(For Freshers)
    Covers CCNA+CCNP+CCIE written and Lab
    Duration – 5 Months
    Fee:1,25000/-(3 Installments)+12.36 % Service Tax
    CCIE Security 100% Lab passing Guarantee

    Networkers Guru
    M-19, Old DLF, Sector 14
    Gurgaon -122001,INDIA
    Phone : 0124-4279117
    Mobile: 9717862973, 9717862972

    Comment by Vikas Kumar — October 25, 2008 @ 7:55 am | Reply

  9. I dont know who has put my name as reply to MR hussain.Some one has added my name .Those lines are not written by me.can anyone tel me how to delete it

    Comment by tarun gulrajani — November 15, 2008 @ 6:49 pm | Reply

  10. sir
    I want to pass ccie in R/S and tell me same thing about compelet payment for passing the course.
    and duration
    and tell me the branches of ccbootcam in new delhi
    and also if a person fiald the passing the exam of the course what happen.
    have second chance or /No
    and all so how much you grantee that you have all matarials for passing the exam
    Knd Regards Noorullah
    cell 91 9717958529

    Comment by Noorullah — December 17, 2008 @ 2:46 am | Reply

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