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June 28, 2007

Catalyst 6500 On The CCIE Lab???

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Rumor?  Follow the debate on the GroupStudy thread:

Rumor mill time – Cat 6500 on R&S lab exam?

Some of the responses:

“Not sure of the point of that in the R&S lab…. Really don’t see them starting to test on the service modules on the 6500 in the R&S.  And, in many cases the 3560 has greater feature velocity.  So, it would cost the CCIE program more money, a more rack space, but doesn’t really give them many more test topics.” – Mike Kraus

“Actually i hope they do that, because that would be the closest thing to the real world. No matter where you go these days, you see at least one 6500 series up and running. I think it would benefit the program. You may see a 3560 here and there, but you will definitely see a lot of firms having 6500 series. To be honest i typically see a mixture of 4000/4500 and a 6500 in a collapsed core design.” – Narbik Kocharians

“So you think it helps the value of the CCIE that it can produce a CCIE that knows NOTHING about a 6500? What is cisco’s top product? What are you considered if you are a CCIE. Doesn’t mesh in my mind. Totally disagree.” – Jason Plank

My favorite:

“Nope nope! Cisco has recently faced some severe budget limitations and brought back the 2500s and L2 1900 switches!! :p” – Digital Yemeni

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  1. Everything the 6500 can do a CCIE (or equivalent intelligence) can learn on the job. There really is no reason to include that in the lab. I would much rather see more advanced technologies in the lab blueprint like OER & TCL EEM. That I think would improve the CCIE triming process.


    Comment by Joe — August 13, 2007 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

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