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June 16, 2007


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I am in the process of closing on our house and moving as well as trying to schedule some vacation time so I have slowed down on lab time (still hitting it from work on the weekends though).  I am also waiting for the lab at work to be completed so I don’t need to do rack rentals.  I’ve been doing a lot more reading (BGP) this week.  When I have been labbing, I have been doing simple labs (I’m working on switching right now) and then trying to break them.  This has actually worked very well.  I am creating scenarios and then labbing them.  I am also hitting CCO pretty hard to look up features.  This weekend has been all about VTP so you can expect to see some entries concerning that feature.

I am also looking into using Dynamips to create a 3 – 5 router instance on my laptop so I can still do some labbing on vacation (it’s a driving and camping vacation so I’ll have some downtime). 

Easy Way to Quickly Remove VLANs

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This one is a no-brainer, but I only started using it today (I was either manually deleting each vlan with “no vlan x” or deleting the vlan.dat and reloading the router):

So simple:
sw1(config)#no vlan 2-1000

Verify that VLANs (2-1000) are gone:
sw1(config)#do sh vlan br

VLAN Name                             Status    Ports
—- ——————————– ——— ——————————-
1    default                          active    Fa0/1, Fa0/2, Fa0/3, Fa0/4
                                                Fa0/5, Fa0/6, Fa0/7, Fa0/8
                                                Fa0/9, Fa0/10, Fa0/11, Fa0/12
                                                Fa0/16, Fa0/17, Fa0/18, Fa0/19
                                                Fa0/20, Fa0/21, Fa0/22, Fa0/23
                                                Fa0/24, Fa0/25, Fa0/26, Fa0/27
                                                Fa0/28, Fa0/29, Fa0/30, Fa0/31
                                                Fa0/32, Fa0/33, Fa0/34, Fa0/35
                                                Fa0/36, Fa0/37, Fa0/38, Fa0/39
                                                Fa0/40, Fa0/41, Fa0/42, Fa0/43
                                                Fa0/44, Fa0/45, Fa0/46, Fa0/47
                                                Fa0/48, Gi0/1, Gi0/2, Gi0/3
1002 fddi-default                     act/unsup
1003 token-ring-default               act/unsup
1004 fddinet-default                  act/unsup
1005 trnet-default                    act/unsup

This will save you a ton of time when you’re working through switching labs.

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