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May 29, 2007

Frustration II: Cables and Passwords and Redistribution – Oh My!

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Since Saturday promised to be a very slow workday (beginning of a 3-day holiday weekend in the US) I decided that I would do some hardcore labbing.  In the end I put in 8 hours of lab time, but only completed two (small) labs. 

After a morning of frustration, I got started on some redistribution labs.  I finished two of the labs and was very happy with my results.  I’m finally getting my head around mutual redistribution and am pretty proficient with route-maps.  My configurations matched the answers and my show commands returned the expected results except for one subnet not getting redistributed from BGP into OSPF.  I poured through my configurations expecting to find an error there.  Everything looked good and there was no reason for this subnet not to be redistributed successfully while two other were unless I had mucked up a line in my access-list.  After double and triple-checking the configs I finally noticed that the FastEthernet port to the subnet was “up and down”.

That day I had finally added the last two devices to my lab by connecting two 3560 switches.  I made one of the new 3560s my sw1 to match the Internetwork Expert lab design.  I had assumed that the switches’ configurations were wiped clean.  Wrong.  When I consoled into the devices, I found that these were switches that were reclaimed when we bought out another company.  I tried every known combination of user/pass to get into the boxes.  No dice.  I decided to just go ahead and do a password recovery on the two devices using the following Cisco document:

Cisco 3560 – Recovering a Lost or Forgotten Password

This worked like a charm, except that the documentation states:

Step 4   Press the Mode button, and at the same time, reconnect the power cord to the switch.

You can release the Mode button a second or two after the LED above port 1 turns off. Several lines of information about the software appear with instructions, informing you if the password recovery procedure has been disabled or not.

The LED above port 1 never lit for me.  I discovered that once the System light stopped flashing, I could release the Mode button and be dropped into password recovery mode.

I successfully reset the enable secret password and wiped the two switches clean.  I still could not get the FastEthernet port to come up.  Finally, I swapped Ethernet cables with a known good cable and voila! the connection came up.  A bad cable!?!  Arrgghhhh!!!!

I was disappointed that I only managed to complete two short labs in 8 hours, but I am getting a lot of troubleshooting experience. 🙂


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