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May 26, 2007

Frustration (My Kingdom for a Flash Card Reader)

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Getting started labbing has been a chore today.  I swapped out the 2620 that I was using for r2 because I could not load 12.4(10) Advanced Enterprise IOS code to it (insufficient RAM).  I want to have all of my routers (except the BBs) running 12.4 code so that I am running code that is current with the lab.  I made the 2520 a BB and retired the 2650 that was doing that job.  I put a 2851 in the stack to act as r2.  I love the 2800 series, but they are much taller (2 RU) and longer than the 2600 series.

Anyhoo…I wanted to upgrade the IOS on the 2851 to 12.4 (10) Advanced Enterprise.  I am using SolarWinds’ Free TFTP server on my laptop.  I downloaded the IOS from Cisco and then tried unsuccessfully to copy the image to flash.  After the third attempt I finally looked at the TFTP server logs and found the problem: “file too large for tftp protocol”.  I quick search on the web showed that this is an issue with SolarWinds’ TFTP Server.  I tried to install the recommended 3Com TFTP Serverand it failed.  I also tried to set up an FTP server on the laptop, but that failed as well.  The reason for the failures is that my work laptop has Cisco Security Agent running and it wreaks havoc with anything that it feels might be a security threat.  The end result is that I have wasted a good chunk of my day without getting any labs done or upgrading the IOS.  I going forward with the old code on the routers (not really a problem at this point) and will invest in a cheap compact flash card reader so that I can just add images to the removable compact flash on the 2851.  I can use the 2851 as a tftp for the other devices as well since it has plenty of room in flash to store IOS images.



  1. You can use TFTP server that does not have file size limits – WinAgents TFTP Server ( It’s free if you transfer up to two files simultaneously.

    Comment by Marco — May 26, 2007 @ 11:00 pm | Reply

  2. […] a morning of frustration, I got started on some redistribution labs.  I finished two of the labs and was very happy with my […]

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  3. Kiwi CAT tools is also an effecient tool for TFTP.

    In my practice, I unzip the CAT Tools to the desktop folder.

    Comment by Major J. Ward III — January 25, 2008 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

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