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May 24, 2007

Internetwork Experts to Rename Products

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I found this on (my emphasis):

  • Subject: Re: IE LAB Workbookv4 VS Core Lab workbookv4
  • From: Brian Dennis <bdennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 17:13:51 -0700 
  • The idea behind doing the Core Workbook labs is that since you can be pretty much guaranteed that you will get the core topics (FR, Switching, IGP, BGP, etc) you need to be able to count on all of their points and also be able to do them quickly.

    Ideally after you’ve done 8 or 10 of the IEWB-RS Workbook labs you would then do the Core Workbook labs to increase your speed and accuracy in the core technologies (FR, Switching, IGP, BGP, etc).  The Core Workbook labs have some of the toughest layer2/layer3 topologies of any of our products.

    Our marketing department has revamped all of our product names as part of a standardization process and we’ll be “officially” releasing them next week at Interop.  The Advanced Technology Labs will become IEWB-RS Vol I.  The IEWB-RS main workbook will become IEWB-RS Vol II and finally the Core Lab Workbook will become IEWB-RS Vol III.

    Brian Dennis, CCIE4 #2210 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/SP)


    The Internetwork Expert website is already using the new naming convention.  This confused the hell out of me when I was looking at the Core Workbook last weekend.  I thought that they had released a new version of the Core Workbook but had skipped version 2 for some reason.  The above email sorts this out.


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